Friday, July 15, 2011

Back at it

After my little mid season break i have been back at it this week and today raced in arona which is only 30km from my little european home town of gavirate. On all fronts things picked up where they left of before my break with another dominant victory by our sprinter elia viviani and i, like i did last race managed to drop myself on the ashfelt entirely through my own doing. Really very very stupid of me. The only positive was that a hit the ground on exactly the same spots as in slovenia so atleast i had experience on how to patch myself up and how to sleep comfortably with the right side of my body missing some skin.

The race went as we hoped, a small break got away, i went to the front to control to later be joined by a team mates and a few dudes from other teams with interest in the sprint. Closed the gap at a nice point in time for our other 6 fresh riders to set up the sprint and again with 4guys on the front with 1km the result was a great win by elia and another very enjoyable satisfying day even with the crash. tomorrow is another hit out in the same area so looking forward to i hope another successfull liquigas day.

3hrs 30min
290 av watts
147av HR

So pretty solid again

Need a good sleep

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