Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On saturday I began my first grand tour. The giro d Italia. I am super excited to be here as my goal since arriving in Europe has Been to be appart of the team for the giro I very greatfull for being given the opportunity to do it by the team management and senior riders. My role is simply as a domestic. This basically means use as little as possible energy whenever I can as when I am required to perform work, be it riding on the front or collecting bottles or giving up my wheels for punctures of other riders or helping riders back on after crashes or whatever I need to use the energy I have for these purposes. Perhaps later in the tour I will get an opportunity in a breakaway were I will have my own chances but firstly my job is to ensure Michele scarponi, our team leader is well looked after.

If I had any doubts as to my role they were quickly emphasied to me on the first stage where I had been toward the front with 5km and I suffered a flat tyre. As the field had split majorly due to crashes I I tried to ride on the wheel while I waited to our first car however was to risky with all the fast corners. Therefore I stopped took out my wheel and waited to for the car ready for a quick change but when the car approached I realised they we're not slowing down and did not stop as they needed to stay with the front groups in case Michele had any problems. I therefore was left stranded without a wheel and had to wait another couple of minutes for our second car. After this I gently rolled on into the finish with the knowledge greatly reinforced to me that I am certainly the dish pig on the team and taking it easy and saving energy to the finish Is actually a reward which I should embrace. On the positive side Michele finished safely in the front so team goals for the day satisfied and all were happy.

Day 2 for me was much the same on the luck side of things, dropped my chain just as we entered a hectic crosswind section where the peleton did indeed split, got back to front group then avoiding a crash ended up on the footpath with access to the road being blocked by a road of trees so when I finally made my way back onto the tarmac the lead group was gone again, I quick check to ensure Michele was all ok and in the front which he was and I simple sat up and rolled easily along until the second group caught me and enjoyed another early mark for the final 20km. Again team goals met with mechele finishing safely up front and not losing time so again all happy. As for me I am dissapointed I have not been able to really push and get involved in the first 2 days but as far as my job description goes I am happy also as I have only average 190watts and 110heart rate for the 10hrs of racing in the first two days so I am greatfull that fatigue has not found its way into my system as yet. With 18 days racing still to come I am sure it won't be long before this is not the case!

Today we have enjoyed a rest day after flying back from holland where the first 3 stages were held to Italy last night and tomorrow we have the team time trial so I am looking forward to that as it is a day where I am really expected to contribute more so very excited about that!

Really don't know what to expect being a 3 week race but the best advice I have been given is when the stage finishes forget about and start resting and preparing for the following day. After my first 2 days which could often leave you a little annoyed I have realised the importance of this as you need to ready when you do have those good days!

For now from the giro


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