Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Camp Concludes!!!!!

The GC camp (which stands for Ginn & Cameron or Great Company or Gaining Confidence or perhaps more fittingly to cycling General Classification) Finally came to an end yesterday afternoon. After 7 days of Eat, Train and Rest, It was time for drew to hop on the plane and head home to his family in melbourne!

The brief summary of what we did on the bike over the 7 days is as follows, 34:17hrs of riding at an average of 230 watts (more for drew), burnt 28067kcal during training (again more for drew), covered 987km, and climbed a total of 16000m in vertical elevation. We basicaly amassed this in 6 days as we had an easy day of 90min on day 4 which did not greatly contribute to the overall fiqures. As to what we did in totaling these numbers, 8hrs 10min at U2 or 75-85% 0f max heart rate with this time broken between flat tempo intervals and also climbing , and 1hr at Anaerobic threshold done on tt bike and climbing. The remainder of the time was spent at general endurance intensity.

The goal of the camp were vastly different for both of us. Drew was looking to get a good solid week in on the bike and have a little look at what i do, and was able to test my system a little to guage my recovery from the glangelor virus i suffered from last year.

Not unexpectly when you spend that much time with another person and go though periods of feeling good and a little tired you learn alot more about each other. I always say that sport is a great levela, this is perhaps more evident on a push bike. You often find you talk alot more about things you may otherwise not have discussed, a bit like when you are drunk! This means you learn alot of great stuff however it also means there is plenty of conversation that goes in one ear and out the other. At the end of the day however it is highly likely that if you actively engage in conversation with your training partner when possible on the bike, you will finish that session having learnt somthing. Learning to me is very important, and being exposed to a person like drew and the knowledge he has stored over the years has meant that combining this with 34hrs of exercise, i have learnt some very valuable lessons which i hope stand me in a little better stead in the future. I also hope that amongst the jibberish that often flows from my voice box was some valuable information he may be able to use!

To me that is sport, putting yourself in an environment where you are prepared to have a go. Somtimes you succeed and somtimes you feel like you have not achieved your desired outcome. Everybody judges these two outcomes very differently, however you always need to remember buy simply having a go in the first place, you have achieved somthing!

A very enjoyable week

Best wishes


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