Friday, February 11, 2011

Camp complete, pack up and home time!

7 days and 1130km on the bike later my time with the team in tuscany has come to an end. Since arriving 10days that makes a grand total of 1450km so I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. Through in around 6hrs of gym in that time also and I am pretty happy with the work I have put in since touching down in italy. Was a great camp and great opportunity to get know my new team mates even better and there is no better way to bond than endure some long hard days in the saddle together, and help each other to get through all the work as everyday someone is feeling a little off then the next day another will suffer so supporting each other is a great part of these camps. Each day was pretty stock standard, rise at 730am for breaky, on the bike at 9, home by 3pm, stretch and shower then some late lunch. I would have a quick siester after lunch then head to the gym at 5, massage at 630 and then it was time for dinner at 8. By 10 it was time for bed and a good nights sleep to get up and do it all over again. So basically a pretty full day and consequently the week flew by. The time on the bike flew by with varrying interval work and also admiring the landscape of the tuscan region, the olive groves and vinyard's are pretty specky over this way. Some of the trunks on the vines are the width of gum trees In australia, incredible to imagine the age of these great wine producing vines. Food as always was magnificent and on our final night we enjoyed some wild boar pasta that a staff member had hunted and prepared for us to eat which was seriously good. Washed down with some cheeze and honey and red wine and good italian fiest was enjoyed and topped of a good week of italian cycling training. On the bike the highligh was certainly seeing peter sager perform a wheel stand whilist on a climb but not content with that he also removed both hands form the handle bars to perform a no handed wheel stand!!! Perhaps the most incredible thing I have seen a cyclist perform on the bike, that kid is simply incredible. Infact the skills of all my team-mates on there bikes is an impressive sight, very very gifted bunch of boys indeed.

In the car now and will be home in gavirate in a couple of hrs. Tonight I am off to a very special place for dinner on the passo cuvignone. This is a climb I know all too well as it is aldo sassi's favourite testing ground for his athletes and an important testing ground in the culture of italian cycling. I am looking forward to enjoying a relaxing meal at the trattoria close to the top of the climb as appose to the lung busting threshold efforts I am usually enduring on the climb. Those efforts will come soon enough but tonight and this weekend its time to relax!

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