Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stage 6 Catalyuna

For the last 3 days here in the tour of catalyuna we have been seeing how fast we can cover the first 70km!! well not really but thats how long it has taken for the break to form thanks to the multitude of attacks and strength of the cntroling teams saxo bank, lampre, radio shack, and movistar. Stage 4 was a flying start, yesterday even harder and today raised it to another level. It was so chaotic that after 50km when we hit the first climb the favourites had all formed at the front and attacks came from noe other than contador the race leader, scarponi 2nd, and all the other riders in the top ten. I was fortunately in a good positionabout 5 wheels behind contador so could keep my position in the front of the bunch behind the peleton had shattered and after 70km when 3men finally skipped away only 40riders remaind in the front with 3 groups chasing behind. With almost all the bullets from the big guns fired a cease fire was called and we thankfully rode a nice normal speed to finish and the bunch sprint ensured. My role for the day was firstly to look for a break that would go to the finish and if not which was obvious from the get go was not going to happen today do my usual job of looking after the bassinator and keeping him out of trouble. We seem to have a good system orking now so life in the bunch these past few days has been alot less stressfull for the both of us which is nice. Was nice to get a good hitout in the first 70km today particualy on the climb as appart from when i i have to ride on the front it was the first time in the race that i have felt appart of the action and got the adrenoline pumping. It is always a good mental and physical challenge particually at the protour level and the calibar of stage race riders at this race going flat out and trying to hang in there having no idea when the pressure is going to let up. Being at the front of it always makes life a bit easier as you are literally seeing the front of the race and this always gives you a little lift so all in all it was a very enjoyable day for and nice to open up the old pins on a climb for the first time this year. Not having done a stage race of this level since the giro last year the body quickly forgets how much suffering is involved in this sport but all you can hope each season is to get your body used to it again sooner rather than later. Tomorrow i am sure will be a sprint with the finish on la rumbla right in the heart of barcellona so will be a good day. How long the break will take to form is anyones guess but i think we should see if we can crack the centuary. I am looking forward to good rest on monday


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