Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cadels day

Well today was certainly an extraordinary day in australian sporting history. By my analysis the only two significant sporting events we have not dominated until today was le tour de france and the soccer world cup. Until cadel came along both seemed a long way from happening but now the country has one in the bag and fingers crossed lucas neill and his men can get the next job done in 2016!!!

Cadels performance was simply amazing, he showed all 3 weeks that his engine was certainly running on all cyclinders and his courage to take the responsibility of the race on his proportinately more broarder shoulders than his rivals the schlecks, contador and voukler was somthing to admire. Having been fortunate enough to be mates with cadel since i inadvertedly caused him to crash his bike one day in 2008 when we were training together in ballarat, i have had the honour of seeing how he has worked toward his ultimate goal today. It is hard to have a conversation with cadel without the words le tour being mentioned in some way shape or form so to say it was his passion would be an understatement. Sharing aldo sassi as a coach with him since 2008 thanks to cadel organising our first introduction has always meant i have been fortunate to witness admire and respect the work he has put in.

Cadel is undoubtably an australian role model and legend, today with his victory in the greatest annual sporting event in the world he became and australian icon!!!

Good on ya cadel, you are a champion

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