Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stage 3 trentino

Today we started with a clear objective, to defend the points jersey of our german sprinter mattias friedaman. We didn't, so that was very disappointing. The stage started with a threatening 7km climb which was going to make controlling who was in the break hard. For me the easiest way to control this is to sit on the front and ride at a tempo fast enought to try and dis courage to many dudes from attacking. This was working nicely and at the top 5 guys had about 5seconds on us so easy to pull back on the flat and launch mattias across. Unfortunately we set a little to higher pace and mattias has dropped from the field and we had to wait, In this time the group very quickly took 2min and no we had to chase it down with 70km to contest the intermediate sprints. So chase full gas we did with the 5 guys we had to work and got it down to 50 seconds but did not close it intime and the sprint and jersey was lost so big bugger but atleast we tried and failed as appose to not trying at all and in the process had covered the first 100km in 2hrs so we were not mucking around. Only problem was now we had 2 climbs to get our empty tanks over in the final 60km with the final climb of 10km averaging 15% so surfice to say there ended up being an equal amount of suffering for the remainder of the race all be it on a very empty tank. Oh the perks of the world of professional cycling!! Anyways one great thing about stage races is that until the final stage is run and won there is always another day to re focus on so that's what now excites me, more mountains and foul weather, they are even forcasting snow, can't wait to get soaking wet and get stuck into it, last chance to salvage somthing more than some great training km's from the 2012 giro del trentino.

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