Friday, January 25, 2013

Tdu stage 4

Stage 4 of tdu was unfortunately another dangerous day. The stage perfectly suited to the sprinters was heavily controlled by the major teams which made it very tense in the peleton. As usual the cannondale boys rode as one in the group to protect each other but unfortunately jurai sagen got caught in a crash in the final km's but was not seriously hurt. The crashes were a deciding factor in the stage results as many sprinters and there trains came down while fighting for position. It seems the easier the stage and fresher the riders arrive at the finish the more dangerous the race becomes. All of a sudden under these circumstances every rider thinks they are a sprinter and have a shot at winning. I looked after myself and tried to give my painful ribs a rest before tomorrow's queen stage which finishes atop willing hill. So now for an Earl night as these battered and bruised ribs have not allowed me much sleep in these past few days!


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