Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trentino 3

An un eventful day here in trentino. There was not a single section of rd that did not go up and down or left and right but in the end was a bit of a stale mate of a day for me. I started the day with hopes of being in the breakaway but unfortunately that did not eventuate. In the end all I could do was slingshot our columbian mountain goat in the breakaway that would contest the finish after 50km of fast and furious racing which saw the peleton split in 2. Sami went onto finish a fine 5th on the stage so was great for him to give the team presence in such a decisive breakaway.

Back in the reduced field all the big dudes marked each other. On every climb the pace surged and I felt comfortable first ensuring basso was in the perfect posi and then keeping an eye out for myself. On the final climb before the bomb down to the finish a major selection started to form with 10 or so of us clear but with the win long gone to the breakaway riders there was cease fire and we all roled into the finish together ready to fight it out again tomorrow. With 30km of climbing in the final 50km tomorrow is sure to be nasty!

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