Monday, May 12, 2014

On the ropes

The tour of California has not really got off to the start I would have liked. Simply put I have spent the first 2 stages playing the ropa dope as a result of being WBA loped in the face by some unexpected Californian springtime allergies. I had the same problem last year I. Italy in may and just hoped that relocating to another continent to race this may I would avoid such problems again, unfortunately didn't pan out that way. Anyways now I know they are here our great team doc has got me the correct medicines to deal with it and fingers crossed I will come good in the coming days. To be brutally honest I am just happy to still be in the race and survived the first 2 days all be it all on the ropes, will do my best to get back toward the centre of the ring tomorrow. I currently occupy the prized position of being the last rider in the race so at least I don't have to worry about anyone fighting me for that! Still we have a fantastic team here and when I perk back up I look forward to reporting in on how awesome they all are, for now however it's time for something I have been doing alot of latey, the greatest medicine of all, sleep!


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