Sunday, March 14, 2010

Race update

With the snow behind us the sun begin to shine on our ANDRONI team yesterday with a brillient performance by Michele scarponi to win stage 4 and Leo toping it off with 3rd on the day. They are now 1st and 3rd on GC also and the team is 1st on the teams classifcation so all round exciting! The team of serpa Leo Jackson and ginanni did a amazing job to set up this result for Michele, they final 30km resembled the profile of sharks teeth with equaly brutal gradients on the short slopes so I am sure there we're not many fresh legs left in the entire peleton in the finale however to the delight of our squad on this day it was Michele who was still going the best at the end

For me the race has been a good experience, made my first breakaway on stage 3 and went alone with 30km to go hoping to outclimb the closing peleton however was not to be and I was caught 10km from the finish with a decent and flat run to the finish for the remaining sprinters. I had a go though and enjoyed my time off the front! Yesterday my role turned to domestic and I must admit I much prefer this job in the early season while I find my race rhythm. Michele sent me to the front for the flat section and final long climb as he was primed for a big day, with my work done at the 200km mark I sat up and listened to the race unfold on the radio as I rolled along with a another who had also been on the front with me Matt hayman. To my jubilant enjoyment Michele won and all of a sudden the fatigue from the time on the front seemed to vanish, unfortunately this was short lived as I still had 10km to ride to the finish with a very nasty little pinch to through in for good measure!

So for today I am looking forward to trying to defend the race lead our leader Michele scarponi!

Molto bene gara

From somewhere on the adriatic coast

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