Sunday, March 14, 2010

When I am at a race there a few subtle signs that I am getting tired,

Firstly I stop taking the numbers of my jersey and just through it in the washing bag so I don't have to re pin them tomorrow!

Secondly spend a lot more time lying on my back trying to avoid any movement which requires any energy although generally increase my psp time!

Thirdly you find yourself taking a lot more notice of the distance to the finish signs!

And finally I start craving nuttela, so I generally sneak in an extra serve morning and night and when I find a small panini with it in my feed bag at the feed zone I am instantly re energized for another 50km, this final one is certainly an enjoyable part of getting tired at a race! After nearly 1000km in 5 days you tend to not worry so much about the extra calories but you do still need to be diligent, you don't want to get tubby!

Of course you have tired legs and generally feel a little whacked but everybody feels the same way, the tired signs are perhaps a little more individual however also I am sure others have similar tendencies!

The put in perspective none of this gets you down its just part of it, and at this race I am super excited to be appart of it as scarponi still leads the race so bring on tomorrow!
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