Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Currently I am in the trento region of Italy, just north of Venice in the mountains. Today I begin the giro del trentino. The reason for this blog however is that I have just leant a little about the Columbian culture!

My room mate for the week is one of our star riders Jose serpa. He is an amazing climber and has 3 wins to his credit already this season. It is not his cycling I want to discuss however. Since rooming with him for the past 24hrs I have noticed he spends an unusually large amount of time on the telephone and by this I mean almost constantly. Puzzled by this attraction to the telephone I just raised this with him and his response was very interesting.

It turns out the Jose has 3 wifes in Columbia. No wonder the poor bloke is on the phone 24hrs a day, he deserves a medal for keeping ontop of that situation. In australia most blokes struggle to keep just one wife informed of what's going on let alone multiplying this by 3!

This is what I love about cycling. It is an international sport and the things you learn and experience are often things far removed from the bike. It is a educational sport in its very own unique way!
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