Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Patients is a little word that has taken some years to become part of my make up. Aslong as i can remember i have always been in a hurry to do things. Unfortunately i am realising now, perhaps a little late, that it has prevented me achieving my chosen endevours to a much higher level. Anyway can dwell on the past and better late than never to realise this i guess?

The reason i have finally come to this realisation is cycling has taught me that you must build the foundations to get where you want to go. Again it has taken 3 years in this sport to realise this but i feel i am starting to get there. It has come about as this season has not begun for me like previous years where i am usually toward the front end of the fields and full of optimism for the year. Things just seem to be a little tuffer in the crucial points of the races where i am usually coming good and i need to be patient to let these sensations return. Luckily in my new team i am able to ride in the role of domestic and help the team leaders to success which allows me slowly build my conditon. Being a professional sport you also are quickly reminded when you have not spercifically prepared for a race when things get hard, you are quickly put in your place and thats how it should be.

For me this year there a couple of good reasons why i am little behind at this point. Firstly my recovery from glangelor was long and has meant i am 3 months behind in my preperation compared to previous years. Secondly when you race every week with only 5 days recovery in between it is impossible to train and do the specifics required to reach your full potential in the races. The most important thing is i accept this and learn to work around it and balance better my recovery, preparation and racing. Although i am only now giving this process to required attention i finally like i am building toward getting the most out of myself in the races. The sensations are good for 90% of the time however i need to patient (for the first time in my life) and put together the process to get there. I hope in the future to be writing a blog about implementing this process and how it worked effectivly for me!

The great thing about this sport is the ones that put in and prepare best will always be the ones up front. There are not many miracles in cycling where major results are achieved with little or now preperation. It is impossible to fox your way around up to 7hrs of intense racing, across mountains, flats, cobbles and brutal winds and come out the strongest. No it is a sport for those committed to the sport and those most commitent and "patient" in there preperation not leaving a stone unturned who will more often than not be the ones the fans come to watch and enjoy the spoils of there success. Back to my problem, it is quite simple, if i want to get to this point in the sport i simply have to patient!


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