Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today i spent 7hrs on my bicycle. My usual training partner, mr basso, was unable to attend the outing with me so it was a nice day of solitude, no ipod just me and the hills and lakes around northern italy. Well one hill. I rode to the alpi nigia which is a 12km climb averageing 10% which starts just accross the border along lago magorie in switzerland. You cross the border back into italy at the top and descend back down the opposite side. The climb is solid but the decent is just nasty. 30km long and has an additional 3km of climbing on the way down if that makes sense. Its down up down up down up up nose bleed steep down! Just relentless. At an easy tempo it takes 50min to climb and the same to decend which makes it quite a unique and challenging circuit which i completed 2 times. As you can see by the photo having the backdrop of lago magorie all day is not such a bad thing to take you mind of the suffering. Pretty spectacular place
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