Sunday, April 17, 2011

Motorpace matteo

Motor pace is a very important part of training regime as cyclists. I figure you may aswell travel in style. My chief motor pace extraordinare is matteo gavioli whom on the bike shop in the small town of gavirate that i spend my time while training in italy. He and his bmw R1100 set a perfect pace and wind block for me to get keep the race rythm flowing in my pins. The best part about matteo's bmw is the colour, it conveniently matches my liquigas cannondale team kit so we certainly look the part. Matteo is a proud smoker so in the summer when he can jet about in his open face bikkie helmet and hard rock cafe t shirt he puff away while i work away behind. Being the professional he is however he only smokes when the wind is in a favourable direction as to not choke me! It is certainly a sight to be hold. His favourite game is slowing down as we see the recreational cyclists around the lake and just as they think they will get a ride behind me accelerates nice and quick so they cant quick get and and destroys my legs in the process trying to keep up with him, luckily for me this sharp accelerated suffering provides good adaptation for the races so fun game for all! Matteo is a great friend and really looks after me here in italy, whatever i need, he knows somone to get it and i am real lucky to have him in my corner. His love for fine quisine has certainly opened my eyes to a level of italian food beyond explanation with words, simply incredible and to top it all off his wife stella is a master chef herself so i certainly owe them a great deal of gratitude for making my time in italy much more enlightening and enjoyable.

In this sport you seem to call upon alot of people for help with a wide range of things, massage, motor pace, bike maintenance, travel arrangments, heaps and heaps of things and without guys like matteo our lives as cyclists would be alot more difficult so a big big thankyou to matteo and his wife stella for looking out for me.

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