Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dauphine stage 4

Today was a quiet day at the dauphine libere. The bunch seemed pretty content to take it easy and as such let two guys trundle of the front and it all came back together for a nice clean bunch sprint. Another htc and german victor today in john, um cant spell his last name but he is built like a bull and adds todays win with his win on stage 2 so obviously a class above at this race in the sprints. He is from the same generation as our own peter superman sagan so he will no doubt show tomorrow that he is a pretty handy climber aswell, there is certainly plenty to be excited about the future of the sport with these young blokes performing the way they are.

For me it was a day to recharge after the tt and just have a relaxed day in the bunch. Catch up with a few mates, eat plenty to ensure the tank is full for the upcoming 3 difficult days, stay out of trouble and most importantly get another much needed and valuable day of race rythm into my pins. It always amazes me how fast these sprint teams can ride in the final 25km, it is seriously impressive and the best part great training for us back markers simply trying to keep up.

Anyway massage and rest all done so just need to fill up the tank now at dinner with our super duper chef matteo's cooking and i will be set to go for 3 days of great difficulty!!

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