Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 2 de panne

Stage is all done and dusted and the predicted bunch sprint prevailed. I had a little more enjoyable day and even managed to get my lazy backside to the front of the bunch at an ideal time as quickstep decided to split the field in the crosswind. Being the first time i felt appart of the race all week i duly joined in and about 30 of us built a small gap for 10-15km. It is amazing how different you feel when a bit of adrenaline kicks in and you are up front, i felt like a completely different cyclist to the one that has been fighting for 100th wheel all race thus far looking for any opening on these flemish foot paths to move up a little. Anyway in the end vacansole and greenedge missed the split and eventually chased us down and from then on the bunch went back to idol pace and i resumed my position in the middle getting biffed from piller to post. Was first on the scene of a nasty crash with 1km to go so courtesy of the 3km rule was able to resume pedaling at a leasurely pace to the line and save a few bicsuits for tomorrows double day, 100km in the wind in the morning which is sure to be utter chaos and the stage i am most excited about, the 14km TT in the afternoon. Time for some rest

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