Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taiwan stage 5

The status quo continued in stage 5 here in Taiwan. The uphill finish resulted in a bunch sprint and all In all the most uneventful day thus far at the race. A nice manageable break got clear early and the bunch enjoyed a very cruiser type day. Will a bunch full of fresh legs the final km's was the most hectic thus far and I realized why kieran racing or basically American football on wheels is so big in this part of the world. These dudes sure know how to lay a hit on you for such small dudes although that do have massively monsterous thighs and calves to through around. Not wanting to be on the ground again or come off second best bouncing into one of them I had my hands firmly fixed on the brake hoods for the final part of the race, I ensured my little Malaysian missile Adiq was up front then hit the safety button and got across the line with all bones and skin intact so I was very relieved!! Tomorrow is the last time we will encounter some hills so will hopefully be a bit more apart of the action in stage 6


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