Monday, May 21, 2012


Following yesterday's 2.6km prologue the organizers of the 2012 tour of japan decided we needed a day to recover so called a rest and travel day today for us to move to the town for stage 2. Not really, stage 1 was cancelled at the last minute and there was no time to organize and alternative race course so today was a freebie!

This gave myself and my fellow champion system co horts the opportunity the mingle with representatives from champion system here in japan and enjoy some sight seeing in the kyoto region. We visited a goodluck garden which we and counting on paying dividends for our time here in japan and then enjoyed a traditional tofu lunch in a traditional japanese style as you can see by the photo with us all seated on the floor for the meal. So a great way to enjoy a free day in japan before we drove to the town for the start of stage 2, Gifu, which is also the sight of the 2005 rowing world championships which I competed in. We did a quick lap of the 25km circuit we will tackle 7 times tomorrow before enjoying a massage and now the time has again come to sleep on my rice pillow.

Really looking forward to tomorrow, specially seen as though I am pretty much a local in the area following my time here on the lake in 2005!!! and expecting all the home town support that goes with it!

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