Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stage 1 tour of japan

tour of japan for 2012 kicked off today and the champion system boys including my good self are here for the week long adventure. Expect the unexpected in asian based races and today was different. Different this time in a very positive way!! William clarke, fellow tasmanian, part time farmer and the rest of the time the nicest guy you would ever meet WON THE 1ST RACE OF THE season for our new team!!! The 2.6km prologue TT was a perfect hit out for the big powerhouse and he did not dissapoint romping home in 3min 18sec, a whole, wait for it, 1sec ahead of his team mate! Yours truly cameron james wurf!! We not only share the same team but also the same middle name being James which must have given us a good oman for todays stage.

Being 2.6km and 3min long it was pretty much full gas and whoever was committed the most on the corners, perhaps this is where wilba showed he had a bigger set of you know whats than me but i was happy with my cornering for the day and gave it all i had so no regrets. I was the last rider to start which is a position usually reserved for race favourites so i have no idea why they put me back there but fortunately i maintained some pride with my second place finish and kept suspence in the crowd which was what i might point out MASSIVE, i think half of osaka was crowded around the circuit today, easily 20000 people so a big thanks to all those that turned out to cheer us on. In my humble opinion i feel we put on a pretty good show.

So the leaders jersey for the 1st time this season is in our possession and we will be doing all we can to ensure it is still with the team when we finish up in tokyo city on sunday.

Time for a celebratory glass of champer's!!

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