Sunday, July 1, 2012

Qinghai lake stage 3

Today was quite difficult, in a nut shell, woke up this morning with Diarria, suffered through the first 100km, then went through torture and we climbed to 3500m elevation trying to maintain contact with the columbians and iranian's, finished in front group of 12 with my super star team mate pengda who saved my back side bigggggg time!!!! Oh and the Iranians and columbians, was pretty funny actually in the wind as every body wanted sit behind me as I was twice the size of them, not much protection for me unfortunately making the day all the more torturous but also satisfying in the end to still be at the head of the race.

Time 3hrs 30, 150km
Heart rate- 147 average, 185 max
Watts- 250 average, 1117 max
2000 calories burnt and max elevation of 3500m!!!!!

Need a big sleep


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