Monday, July 2, 2012

Qinghai lake stage 4

3800m of elevation we reached today!!! I have only ever been that high on an aeroplane in the past, let alone racing at it on a push bike!! To make the experience all the more in humane I did it whilst under the onslaught of the columbians and iranian's whom make it look like there racing at sea level!! Anyway survived the climb and without to much damage. The local hero and my team mate lui biao did an awesome job setting tempo for me to keep the field as bike as possible and the rock spiders in check. Once down on the flat it was more my terrain, all bit it still at 3400m!! But was blowing it back side of and with some enthusiastic men whom had a bit of size to them in the group in the gutter it went and 27 of us were able to pull away and take some more time but most importantly put 3minutes into the columbians who find that sort of effort a little tuff so good day for me and the team. I now sit 3rd, 12 seconds behind the leader so all ok, still 8 long and difficult days to go.

150km, 3hrs 30min, 42kmph, heart rate- 131 average, 176 max, power- 216 average, 1048 max, 3751 max elevation.

Jolly jolly tiredddddd

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