Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stage 2 TDU "Meeting Lance"

Todays stage from Tallem Bend to Mannum was a pretty straight forward sprint stage. Small break went early and the peleton kept the 3 fugitives dangling at 2min until they decided to reel them in with 20km to go. Unfortunately due to the more passive tempo for the large majority of the race and everybody seemingly having fresher than normal legs, a choatic final 4km brought many of the top riders crashing to the pavement. I avoided the mayhem as was my plan at the start of the day along with saving some energy for later in the race, and the race was won by skys ben swift. Our team were all caught behind the crashes so did not figure in the finish sprint but on a positive note did finish the stage unscathed.

I had a very exciting opportunity at the startline today, i finally met the great Lance Armstrong. Well actually what really happened was he pulled up next to me on the start line so i decided to introduce myself to him. As expected he was super polite and friendly and we chatted for a few moments before the start gun went. We later had a better chat in the bunch which was a real buzz for me, the whole time i could not believe i was actually speaking to the great man in person. Again i always wished one day i would get a chance to meet him but it was a huge spinout to actually do it. In everysense of the word he is a true gentleman and a great patron for the sport of cycling and sport in general.

For the facts and figures of todays stage

Time 3:36min
Distance 146km
Av Speed 42.2kph
Av Watt 195watts
Av Heart Rate 126
Max Power 1100watts
energy 2500kj

Tomorrow we hit some hilly circuits so i will be interesting to see how the race unfolds!!!


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