Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stage 3 TDU

Harder terrain welcomed us today along with 40degree heat which is not exactly the perfect combination! A small break got away but with 30km remaining the race was all together and the daily chaos began with jostling for position and unfortunately the odd crash. I was really hoping to have a good day today but i did not get the bit between my teeth. I had heard how hard the finish circuits were and was expecting an ever schrinking group to occur so had tried to save as much juice for the finale as possible. Unfortunately for me the group all stayed pretty much together and along with the choas of the final few km with argy bargy for position i was again shuffled toward the back and out of position and missed a small split in the final 100m and lost 7sec to the front 20 or so riders so not the finish i had hoped for at the start of the day. Anyway the team again worked well together all day and simoni ponzi was 10th on the day so he looks good for a good positon on the general classification with the willunga climb on saturday more suited to his strength. I have to keep working alot harder on always riding good position!! Will put the head down now and see what i can come up with on saturday.

facts and figures for the day

Time 3hrs 12min
Av Speed 41kph
Av Power 218watts
Av Heart Rate 146
Max Power 1050watts
Energy 2500kj

So an increase in intensity and heart rate of 10% which is interesting that they correlate together, good to see the stage averages as will be interesting to see the average of race later in the season when we all get a little fitter!!

off to bed


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