Wednesday, May 4, 2011

72hrs full gas

In the past 3 days have been quite an adventure. The tour of turkey wrapped up on sunday with a bunch sprint and with now splitting of the peleton the gc remained unchanged and i was 5th overall. Monday morning i was up at 5am to start my journey back to milan via istanbul. I arrived at my appartment at about 330pm and knocked out an easy 90 min spin on the bike to recover a little from the race and plane trip. This was followed by physio and a massage at the mini ais which i was super greatful for and helped a massive amount with recovering from the race. Next up i had 2 bikes to pack into bags, a quick pizza while i did my laundry, packed my cloaths for america and was in bed at 1030pm. Awake again at 5am on tuesday morning to start my journey to lake tahoe california. I had a 7am flight from milan, a quick 90min stop over in paris and i was on the flight to salt lake city at 11am. Arrived salt lake at around 2pm and instead of the planned 5hr wait for my connecting flight to reno i was put on an early flight so just 1hr was spent in salt lake and i was in the air again. Arrived in reno at 430, grapped my rental car, a very very cool dodge nitro 4x4 suv and before i knew it i was hauling my arse and thankfully suv full of luggage along route 50 to south lake tahoe. Arrived here at 6ish and figured a quick sauna to sweat out the travel was in order. After that had some tea, a big steak hamburger which i have been craving since leaving aus in january, put my rd bike together and was finally in bed at 930. Up at 730am for breaky and was on the bike by 9 to meet my team mate ted king, 4hrs and 140km later training was done and i had a hr or two doing the neccessary crocery and shopping for my training camp requirements. Off to dinner with ted and a good catch up on all the issues we did not manage to cover during the 4hrs on the bike and finally 930pm and i am ready for bed and i hope a big long sleep in tomorrow. I have tried not to let my body know what its been though there past 72hrs, crossing 3 continents, 24hrs on a plane and about 4 different time zone and i figure if i just keep going about my business as usual hopfully it wont get a chance to get tired and i will be all good. Certainly been a massive few days but it is seriously great to be here in tahoe and i am super excited about the training and racing ahead.

Good night

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