Friday, May 20, 2011

Stage 6 tour of california

Tt day today and unfortunately was a very quiet easy day for me. With my little chest infection complaint and anti biotics i am on light duties for the remainder of the race so today's 23km tt was pretty much a day off or recovery day for me. For our boys in green again super sagen put another great performance and was 14th behind most of the top time trialists in the world. With tomorrows most difficult stage of the tour on the menu with a mt top finish i thinks it best to expect the un expected from him tomorrow. Certainly on sunday the stage looks very suited to him but getting to know him this week he will no doubt show he can climb with the best like he has shown he can sprint and climb with the best, simply incredible and despite feeling a bit off colour it is so enjoyable having the opportunity to ride for him here. Anyway today was a great opportunity to save some cookies to help him in the final 2 days.

After todays stage we treked 230km down the the pacific coast hwy to spend the night in los angeles at the marriot right in down town opposite the staples centre so a pretty cool race hotel indeed.

Looking forward to another day in the californian sunshine tomorrow

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