Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stage 3 california

California turned on its finest weather again today with wind, rain and plenty of twisty, up and down roads. For the first 3hrs or so it was pouring cats and dogs to soften up the bunch a bit. Fortunately a nice sized breakaway formed pretty early on so was well controlled by the sky team who had the leaders jersey following there stage win yesterday. 5hrs 15min later they would win again and in the interin period we just kept peter up the front, got battered along with rest of the field in a nasty crosswind section briefly splitting the peleton with 20km to go but reformed intime for a techniqual finishing circuit which seemed to have a crash every km of it 9km in duration. At the line peter was 4th thanks to some great work of his sprint baby sitters, mauro da dalto, danial oss and damiano caruso. He is now 3rd on gc and still best young rider and leader the points classification so as per usual peter superman sagan is living up to his reputation.

For me today i was pretty inconspicuos in the bunch all day, tried to help peter where i could and appart from that stayed warm and kept myself entertained by fishing multipower gells and bars out of my jersey pockets with rain soaked long fingered gloves which is always a challange in trying to avoid dropping all that you try and consume.

Tomorrow is the first mountain stage so will be interesting to see what happens

Now for some sleep

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