Monday, May 23, 2011

Tour of california final stage wrap up

The final day of the tour of california wrapped in a highly expected and anticipated bunch sprint which was won by matty goss. Our liquigas cannondale superman sagen was 2nd which was another huge effort. We helped control the break with matt goss's team and with 5km to go it was all together so was fitting that those 2 faught out the final victory.

My day was as i had hoped, some time on the front of the peleton pulling back the break and the opportunity to get some much needed intensity into my system after my quiet week. It was certainly a great opportunity to work on the front with the htc team to see how they control these bunch sprints, they win so many of the things that alot can be learned from seeing how they launch there missiles such as gossy, leigh howard and cavandich to the line for some many victories.

Following the stage our team headed back into the la hills for a small party with the sponsors of the team which was a great opportunity to give them a little feedback on equipment and the goings on within the team, not to mention so good authentic american ribs fresh of the barbi!!! Functions like this are a real great reminder of the team behind the team and the huge amount of support we have from so many different companies and workers. So it was great to be able to hopefully give a bit back to those who put so much into us.

Will enjoy a good rest on the plane before getting stuck into it tomorrow. It has been a great experience racing in california, excellent course, rd's, teams, hotels and organisation and great way to break up the european season. Infact in the past 4 week i have raced on 3 continents, europe and asia in turkey and now america so certainly getting to litteraly ply my trade in all corners of the globe. I have had a very good dose of espn sport, nba playoffs, ice hockey and baseball but am looking forward to getting back to europe to catch up on some eurosport and in particually the final week of the giro d italia, will be a nice way to unwind and relax a little after the racing, travel, altitude, racing and travel. Also i have missed a nice simple italian cappa and cafe and not to mention some italiana pasta. No offense to the american coffee but a 1l jug of it does not quite satify the palet the way the italian espresso hits the spot.
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