Monday, May 16, 2011

Stage 2 tour of california

After the cancellation of yesterdays stage and the shortening of today by half the distance the tour of california finally got underway. It was a great day for our sprinter peter superman sagen as be finished 2nd. The team and particually timmy duggan for all his great work pulling back the early break and danial oss did a great job setting him up for the sprint and he came very close to win. With another sprint finish on the cards tomorrow it will be exciting to see if he what he can deliver there.

For me it was not such a great day, as i felt a little sluggish after the previous weeks extended easy days but certainly blew out the cobwebs for the rest of the race, i am dissapointed in myself for not riding better position in the final circuits and consequently lost 15sec not seeing a split ahead of me but no excuses i just have to be more attentive in such situations, learn the hard way again unfortunately. Anyway long way to go so plenty of time to make up for todays sleepiness.

so onto stage two and hopefully another good day for our super sprinter and i will do what i can to help and pay more attention in final km's.

Facts for the stage
Time 2:47
Speed 45kmph
Av heart rate 135bpm
Av power 213watts
Kcal burnt 2200

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