Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stage 4 california

Stage 4 of cali did not go as i had hoped. I had hoped to have a good day on the climbs but unfortunately my condition was not where i had hoped. The reason or reason's could be many, firstly perhaps my foray in altitude training and coming directly to the race without time to re adjust did not go as planned, i did not eat enough or more to the point could not eat and drink enough due to the ferious tempo set by the radio shack boys, or and basically the most likely reason, i was not good enough today to be where i wanted to be.

Anyway a difficult few days is now behind me so i am very excited to turn my 100 percent attention to helping superman sagan for the remainder of the tour. Today he showed he can not only sprint with the fastest but can also climb with the very best aswell. The future of this man in the sport of cycling is incredibly exciting i assure anyone following the sport. His capabilities and potential appears to be simply endless. The best part he is the nicest level headed young man you would ever meet.

Onto stage 5 and the long hard roleing day looks likely to end in a group finish and i hope we can do a good job in setting peter up for the sprint.

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